Mesotherapy treatment

Mesotherapy for Hair Loss, Glowing Skin & Fat Reduction

Mesotherapy is a technique involving tiny injections of vitamins and minerals into the skin for hair loss, glowing skin, fat reduction and various other purposes.

Mesotherapy is a non-invasive technique of European French origin that includes microinjections of plant extracts, bioactive agents, and homeopathics into the dermal layer of the skin. This procedure was evolved by Dr. Michel Pistor, a French Physician in 1950 and is now being practiced all over Europe and USA with terrific results and is currently in vogue in France and Middle East.

Mesotherapy injections are given for:


MESOGLOW is a facial treatment to add that healthy glow to skin which radiates energy and vitality. It is packed with vitamins and trace minerals to restore circulation to the skin resulting in the youthful appearance of tight radiant skin reducing the effects of stress and sun damage on the skin. Mesoglow works well alongside the other cosmetic techniques and delivers dramatic results. Yet, your friends will not usually be able to put their finger on what exactly you have had done. They may just say: "Gosh you're looking really well - have you had your hair cut or were you on holiday?" Mesoglow has minimum recovery time and is essentially just a "lunchtime" procedure.


MESOFAT is a type of Mesotherapy that is an effective non-surgical technique to reduce or eliminate unwanted deposits of fat (adipose tissue) with little or no recovery time. Small injections of fat dissolving substances are given in the following areas.

Mesofat is used to melt away unwanted areas of adipose(fat) and works like liposuction but without the surgery. In order to get a free consultation for mesotherapy, please call our clinic and book an appointment today.


One of the common indications for mesotherapy is male and female hair loss. This procedure involves tiny injections of meso-vitamins into the scalp. This is repeated after every 2 weeks for 6 to 8 sessions. The results are remarkable and even the resistant hairloss problem is solved. Disclaimer:(*): Result may vary depends on individual

Mesotherapy Treatment

Hair Fall Treatment

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Glowing Skin Treatment

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Fat Reduction Treatment

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