Skin Whitening Treatment

Skin Whitening Treatment

How to whiten skin?

A skincare regimen designed specifically to reduce a tan and visibly lighten your skin, leaving it fresh and glowing. AesthetiCare Skin & Laser Clinic skin whitening treatment works in three steps.


The first one involves the application of a unique formulation of peel specific for melanin control, this ensures uniform regeneration of your skin and removal of superficial pigmentation. After this, a specialized formulation with skin-lightening agents is applied on your skin which removes the existing tan and pigmentation resulting in visibly clearer and lighter skin.


Second step is home care of specialized creams, face wash, sunblock and lightening agents.


Thirdly we prescribe strong antioxidants to support the overall whitening of face and body. After around six to eight weeks you can see visible difference in the tone and clarity of your skin. Moreover all the pigmented patches and spots are reduced resulting in a glowing and fair complexion.

Skin whitening treatment with Melanin Control System

Melanin Control System (MCS) is a well researched treatment that helps deal with melasma, chloasma, actinic sun damage, hyperpigmentation, post laser pigmentation, ochre pigmented dermatitis and solar lentigines. The cost of skin whitening treatment with melanin control system is Rs. 45,000/- and also depends upon the consition of patient.

When our clients come to us for consultation we spend quality time with them explaining about different treatment options, and the possible side effects. We do only treatments which are evidence based and scientifically proven and thus provide them with a detailed information especially about the pros and cons of glutathione injections which are in vogue nowadays.

How to effectively & safely treat dark areas of your skin

Skin whitening cannot be achieved without protection from ultraviolet rays. Prevention of sun-induced darkening and hyper pigmentation is as easy as wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen, long clothing and a wide-brimmed hat or a veil on face. Preventing the sun’s harmful rays from reaching the skin is the best way to avoid sun-induced hyperpigmentation and is an essential part of treatment.

What are the effective treatment options for Dark Skin or Pigmentation

Following are the treatment options for dark skin.

Prescription Creams

Over the counter whitening creams can cause more problems than benefits as they may contain strong steroids and can result in irreversible damage. It is very important to consult a qualified dermatologist before experimenting different products on your precious skin.


A specially formulated lightening vitamin cocktail is injected in skin to inhibit and lighten melanin. A series of mesotherapy treatments are given to effectively produce results.

Disclaimer:(*): Result may vary depends on individual

Chemical Peels

Different types of peels have been tried to lighten dark areas like glycholic acid, TCA, salicylic acid, Cosmelan etc. Many scientific studies have been done to prove the safety of these peels. We, at AesthetiCare Skin & Laser Clinic use a specialized peeling product especially formulated to control melasma. It has proven to be very effective and is known as “Melanin Control System” as it controls Melanin production from inside out.

Spectra Laser

All over the world, Q-switched Lasers are being used for effective treatment of pigmentation. Spectra XT Laser(latest Q switched laser by Lutronics) is the treatment of choice for Asian patients. Because of the superb job of Spectra, AesthetiCare Skin & Laser Clinic has brought this state of the art laser into its practice. After a series of treatments, the laser gently removes melanin pigment with no pain and no downtime. It is safe in darker skin types and is also helpful for generalized pigmentation, redness, pore size, fine hair, acne, rosacea and gently tightens and refreshes the skin.


Our unique and state of the Hydrafacial therapy leaves your skin glowing, soft and fresh. Click here to know more about Hydrafacial.

skin whitening treatment


Whitening with Melanin Control System

Disclaimer:(*): Result may vary depends on individual


Whitening treatment with Mesotherapy

Disclaimer:(*): Result may vary depends on individual


Whitening treatment with Hydrafacial

Disclaimer:(*): Result may vary depends on individual

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