Acne Scar treatment & Skin Tightening


Acne scar Treatment and  skin tightening at Aestheticare is result oriented and tailored according to patients needs. Are you looking for a non-surgical, comfortable means of achieving smoother, less scarred, or wrinkled younger-looking skin?

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If you are looking to fade age lines and acne scars while restoring textural balance and illuminating tone, then our clinic treatments may be right for you. People of all genders and skin types may consider these breakthrough treatments, especially those that are not candidates for surgical procedures. You can achieve younger-looking skin without harsh side effects or extensive downtime with the help of our state of the art Lasers and other procedures.

After detailed consultation with one of our expert Dermatologists, a customised treatment plan will be designed especially for you. This may combine many procedures which will be more suitable for you and with minimum side effects.


Usually we combine Fractional Co2 laser and PRP sessions to minimise acne scars and more collagen synthesis. along with removal of acne scars, sking tightening also happens giving a youthful texture to the skin. Other treatment options are Scarlet RF with PRP. This is less aggressive than Fractional CO2 Laser but when combined with PRP, gives excellent results and tightens the skin as well. Scarlet Rf is a micro needling machine, also generating Radiofrequency to deeper layers of skin, thus tightening skin along with removal of all types of acne scars.

Other less aggressive acne scar treatment options are Derma pen micro needling along with PRP or mesotherapy.

Using Acne Scars Lasers and other energy devices require years of training and experience. Our expert dermatologists are Internationally certified and have experience of more than 20 years in this field so with confidence you can choose us.

So what are you waiting for? call us for further details or Book your online appointment for a detailed consultation with one of our doctors.

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