Hyperpigmentation & Melasma Treatment


Hyperpigmentation treatment or Melasma treatment is considered extremely difficult by most of the dermatologists. But at Aestheticare we can proudly state that we have successfully treated many of such patients. Please check our YouTube for our treatments.

Are you tired of dark patches on your skin? Tired of using concealers all the time? Don’t worry, our Dermatologists will examine your skin and do detailed consultation with you. Then they will design on a customized treatment plan for your pigmentation/ Melasma depending on your skin type. We may combine different procedures after this detailed consultation with our expert aesthetic dermatologist.


A specialised peeling system called Melanin control System treatment is used  initially to peel and remove pigmentation from outer layers of skin. After one week, the post peel home care cream has to be started at night. This treatment acts on melanocytes ( Melanin or pigment producing cells), stopping their growth. This reduces the amount of melanin or the pigment production. Thus clearing brown patches called Melasma or any other hyperpigmentation.

Secondly we start Q switched Laser called Spectra Laser sessions on monthly basis. This Laser penetrates to the deeper layers of skin, breaking down deeper melanin particles. Thus both superficial and deep layers of skin are targeted for long lasting results.

The customised treatment plan will ensure a very safe and effective Melasma treatment or any hyperpigmentation treatment. Please book your appointment for a free consultation with one of our expert doctors. We also provide good discounts to all our existing Clients so what are you waiting for? Call us to know about further details or book appointment online.

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