Fast Facts

  • Performed to rejuvenate the skin and give a boost to the complexion and treat mild scaring on face.
  • One of the most popular, non-invasive cosmetic procedures in Pakistan
  • Can be used on the face, neck, and hands
  • Peel can be a simple, fast and highly effective way to achieve radiant skin.
  • Chemicals such as Cosmelan, Glycolic acid, Salicylic acid, TCA, etc are used to treat superficial pigmentation, unevenness, and minor wrinkles
  • The outer layer of skin shed off, revealing younger and smoother skin

These chemicals have no side effects when used by experienced doctors and only our experts can guide you about the appropriate option on your type of skin.

Contact us for more details about chemical peels cost, procedure and side effects at our clinic for best Chemical peel treatment in Lahore/Islamabad.

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