Skin Tightening Treatment

MICRONEEDLE RF (Laser skin tightening treatment)

  • This procedure delivers radiofrequency directly into the deepest parts of your skin and face
  • This is done to improve acne scars, sagging skin, wrinkles, large pores, and stretch marks
  • Can also reduce laugh lines, drooping corners of the mouth, and mid-face sagging as well as lifting brows and tightening eyelids
  • Microneedle RF is safe, pain-free and requires minimal downtime
  • This makes it a popular procedure for patients of all skin types
  • Skin texture improves within days
  • Full effects of tightening seen between 2-6 months

Microneedle RF Procedure

  • The procedure takes 30-45 minutes on the face, more on the rest of the body
  • A topical anesthetic is applied to ensure comfort
  • The fractional Microneedle RF handpiece drives a set of ultra-fine needles painlessly into the skin
  • The depth is preset by the physician according to the area and condition being treated
  • Within the skin, each needle acts as an electrode to emit RF energy throughout the dermis, generating heat
  • The heat causes tightening and collagen production
  • Fractional Microneedle RF emits energy from the entire length of each needle for deep dermal stimulation as well as surface improvement
  • It also reduces flushing and Melasma

Side Effects of fractional microneedle RF

  • Post-treatment, you might see temporary redness and/ or mild swelling
  • This usually lasts only a few hours
  • You may resume normal activities within hours
  • Aftercare is straightforward and consists of simple moisturizer and sunscreen
  • As always, avoid sunlight
  • You do not need to take time off work (but feel free!)

Our Recommendations

  • We recommend a series of 3-4 monthly treatments for optimal results
  • For more serious skin conditions, you may need additional treatments
  • We advise waiting three months before undergoing next treatment
  • This allows your body time to produce collagen for skin tightening
  • At AesthetiCare, we can combine the fractional RF with other treatments like fillers for maximum benefits of your skin, face & eyelid tightening, depending on your condition

Prices/Cost of Skin Tightening

  • The cost of skin, face or eyelid tightening depends upon the condition of the patient and series of treatments required
  • Call us or Email about costs or any other general query
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