Skin Rejuvenation & Dark Circles Treatment


If you really want to know how to remove Dark Circles which are making you look so tired and old? Keep reading……

Dark Circles Treatment is done at Aestheticare Skin and Laser Clinic by using  latest techniques and combining various procedures. Our expert dermatologists also advise you on lifestyle habits and homecare regimes to ensure that you enjoy long-lasting results.

Identification of Cause of Dark Circles

First of all, causes of Dark Circes are identified by detailed history and Lab Blood tests and patient advised to rectify these issues. Stress management and sleep habits are vital for long term management and Dark Circles treatment. Necessary dietary changes also play a vital role in the treatment of dark circles. Anaemia and Iron deficiency if present should also be treated as these are important factors in cure of Dark circles and also skin Rejuvenation. All these measures ensure efficient circulation of blood to the delicate under eye area, thus increasing collagen synthesis of this area.

With our latest and safe procedures, your eyes lose their tired look and are completely refreshed. Your face will glow and the lost elasticity regained with reduced Pigmentation and hydrated Firm skin. View our YouTube Channel for details.

 Dark Circles Treatment with Effective Plan?

A customised treatment Plan is designed for Skin Rejuvenation and removal of Dark Circles, usually combining PRP, mesotherapy, Carboxytherapy and Fillers. All of these procedures require extensive training and years of experience and we at Aestheticare proudly state that all our dermatologists are Internationally certified and have more than 20 years experience in this field.

This customised treatment plan will ensure a very safe and effective Dark Circles treatment. Please book your appointment for a free consultation with one of our expert doctors. We also provide good discounts to all our existing Clients so what are you waiting for? Call us to know about further details or book appointment online.

Following services can be used for Dark Circle Treatment

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