These easy tips for glowing skin will make it possible for you to achieve a more even toned glowing skin in one-week time if you make a conscious effort. Just religiously follow these skin care rituals, improve your lifestyle, and use the right skin care and makeup products. 

1. Know your skin type & Follow A Regular CTM Routine

You must know your skin type and pick the right skin care products that suit it.

Dry skin: Your skin feels tight, sometimes flaky and without shine.

Oily skin: Your T-zone or sometimes full face is greasy and shiny.

Combination skin: Your T-zone is greasy, but your cheeks and chin are dry.

Normal skin: Your skin is neither too oily nor very dry.

Sensitive skin: Your skin easily turns red and itchy

 CTM stands for Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing.

Once you find out your skin type, get a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer that suits your skin. Follow the CTM routine twice a day – in the morning and at night. For Asians, Cetaphil/ Physiogel cleanser and moisturiser are safe options. Rose Water is an excellent Toner and you can easily get its spray bottle.

 2. Apply Sunscreen Religiously

It is very important to protect your skin from the UV rays. Use a sunscreen (according to your skin type) with SPF 30 to 50 and apply 20 minutes before going out. Reapply sunscreen every 2 hours when you are outdoors.

3. Exfoliate your skin once a week only

If you don’t exfoliate your skin, dead cells start accumulating on its surface, making it look dull with bad texture. You can use a face scrub bought from pharmacy (according to your skin type) or make your own DIY. You can easily make one by mixing brown sugar with oat meal. Just make sure not to scrub your skin harshly.

4. Apply a night cream according to your skin type

The skin repairs and restores itself while you sleep—this is why night time is the best time to treat any issue, whether you’re in your 20s and struggling with oily skin, in your 30s or 40s and and dealing with dark spots or over dry skin or in your 50s when wrinkles start to appear.

You can find products that contain retinoids (vitamin A). You will usually find it listed as Retinol or Retin-A which reduces the signs of aging (wrinkles and fine lines), enhanced collagen synthesis, ultimately, improving overall appearance of skin.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please don’t buy over the counter whitening creams as they may contain steroids causing permanent thinning of skin.

5. Work On Lifestyle & Habits For Glowing Skin

·     Drink Plenty of Water

Daily water intake to meet the needs of your body needs may differ from person to person. Drinking more than 2 litres of water every day has been found to hydrate your skin and significantly improve its overall health and appearance.

You may squeeze a lemon in it or add some fruit slices like cucumber and celery to your water to make it easier to drink!

·     Exercise/Yoga/walk

Exercise increases the blood flow in your body, which, in turn, gets the oxygen moving throughout the body. This leads to clearer skin and a slimmer you. More over loss of Fat leads to Balancing out hormones which rectify skin issues like acne and dark spots. Work out at least twice or three times a week.

  • Say Goodbye to Sugar and Processed Food

It is best to avoid sugary and processed foods if you want to keep your body and skin healthy. These dietary changes will benefit all types of Skin Issues especially acne, hyperpigmentation and early aging and are crucial if you want a glowing skin.

·     Eat Colourful vegetables and Fruits

Colourful fruits and vegetables are rich sources of essential vitamins and minerals you need to keep your skin healthy. They are rich in antioxidants that prevent free radical damage, maintain hydration levels, and improve overall skin and body health.


These Tips for Glowing including Skin lifestyle changes will help you in the long run in the long run if you follow them religiously. You need to follow these easy tips for glowing skin for a more beautiful and healthier you. You also need to amend your lifestyle habits because your skin cannot look good on the outside if it does not feel good from within. For resistant skin issues please check all our services.