What causes acne if face mask is worn for longer periods of time?

Wearing a mask is strongly recommended in public areas and in some workplaces for protecting yourself. Also for limiting the spread of the Covid-19 virus. However, many people notice that their facial skin reacts badly to wearing a mask. This can bring about many skin issues for which a new term “Maskne” has originated.

Following issues have been faced commonly due to face masks,

Face masks create a barrier and reduces the breathing capacity of skin under the mask. This prevents sweat to evaporate. Combination of sweat and any products applied on skin may become quite irritating under a mask. The clogging of pores can start inflammation, resulting in acne.
Red Rash
A red rash can happen where mask is in contact with skin. This results from friction or allergic reaction to the mask material.
The heat under a mask may also cause the skin capillaries to dilate. This may worsen rosacea which also can appear as a red rash.
Inflammation resulting from above mentioned reasons may end up in form of PIHP( Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation).
Soreness Behind Ears
Tight ear loop strings can cause trauma and can be quite irritating causing abrasions and irritation.

Dovid-19 Virus is to stay with us for some time. The pattern that it will take is hard to predict. So it will be more safe and appropriate to wear a face mask in months to follow. We should be familiar with the side effects that Face masks can cause and do appropriate care to avoid them.
Upgrading your skincare routine to be mask-friendly can also work to prevent any mask-related skin issues.
“Keeping things simple is going to be the best way to go. This means using gentle cleansers, that are non-foaming. These may contain ceramides that are a natural component of our skin barrier,”. Please checkout effective acne treatment at Aestheticare skin and Laser clinic.